About Us

Who We Are.

  • Delta Strut began 30 plus years ago in Stockton, California near the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, and so the name "Delta Strut". The company was purchased in the 1990's by Arky Foulks and moved to Mesa, Arizona. In 2007 Lawson Barber bought the business from Arky and moved it back to Madera, California. A few years later Lawson moved the operation to the Fresno area where it is located today.  On January 1, 2018, John and Tracy Koester became the new owners of Delta Strut and run it out of Clovis, California. Lawson Barber will remain in an advisory role and will continue to share his 50 years of Beechcraft experience with us all. Owners have changed, but our commitment to give you our best has not. 

What We Do.

At Delta Strut we specialize in Beechcraft landing gear overhaul and repair. However we have also serviced Piper and Cessna landing gear as well. John's 20 plus years of aviation experience, our vast inventory, and specialized tooling will get your aircraft safely back in the air in a timely manner. Contact John at john@deltastrut.com and see how we can help you! Also check us out on Facebook to learn more about Delta Strut.

How We Do It.

  • Delta Strut is a Veteran owned, family run business. We work hard everyday to provide our customers with what they deserve - a quality product at a fair price. Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything we do. 

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Delta Strut LLC

21022 Auberry Road, Clovis, California 93619, United States

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