35-825196-698 Nose Landing Gear Assembly


Core Charge:
$3,000 - Fee included in total price.
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Product Overview

Nose Landing Gear Assembly Part Number 35-825196-698. Fits Serial Numbers D-9069 through D-10396 and E1 through E375. This assembly is designed for installation by qualified professionals and does not come with instructions. Trust in Delta Strut's commitment to quality and reliability for a long-lasting and high-performing addition to your aircraft. Order now and take flight with confidence.


Core Charge Refund Consideration

All cores must be returned within 30 days of receipt of the purchased part to be considered for a full refund. Any core returned after 30 days will only be considered for a 50% refund. No core refund will be granted after 90 days. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

Upon the receipt of a core, we will begin the inspection process to determine the condition of the part and refund accordingly. Any damages, excessive wear, or excessive corrosion may result in a reduction in the core refund to part or none based on the condition. To receive your full core credit, the core must be in serviceable condition and the same part number that was purchased.


Please return all cores to:

Delta Strut Midwest

250 Riverhills Road

Kingsford, MI 49802


Please allow up to 30 days upon receipt to receive your core refund

Warranty Information

Landing gear will be warrantied for 12 months from the date of purchase. Landing gear must be returned as received for warranty consideration. All shipping is the customer’s responsibility. If the customer does not want to ship the gear back, we will provide one seal kit for reseal. If resealing does not correct the issue within the gear, the gear must be returned for warranty repair; another seal kit will not be supplied to the customer. Any labor outside of our shop is the responsibility of the customer.